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 [GUIDE] Hellena rNPC Quest - GE v3.3

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PostSubject: [GUIDE] Hellena rNPC Quest - GE v3.3   Fri Feb 27, 2009 6:29 am

Objective : prerequisite quest
Prerequisite : talked to Queen Hamaan using Emilia/Emilia the Sage

Go to City of Auch and enter Villa de Libertad to talk to Simon.
Go to Port of Coimbra and enter Pegadilla to talk to Calyce. (As of v3.4.10, Calyce will talk about this quest only after her own recruitment quest is done. It is unclear if this is intended behavior or bug.)
Go to D2 of Cite de Reboldoeux and talk to the Burgundy Palace Guard.
(Optional) Talk to Brunie, Eusebio, Andre, and Jack for some information regarding Chateau de Bourgogne.
Return to barracks and remove two characters from the active MCC team, leaving only one. (The Chateau de Bourgogne raid is a special raid that requires participating families to control only one character each.)
Go into the Reboldoeux Culverts and follow the paths to 4th room (the one without mobs) and click on the area transition to the right to start the quest version of the Chateau de Bourgogne raid. This instanced mission is similar to the actual raid, but the general difficulty is reduced to make it soloable with a single character.
Within the mission, explore the first floor and defeat Prost, Emily, Celine, and Mario (any two of them will do). Click on the area transition at the end to move to the next level to confront Louis Arsene the 3rd. Louis is lvl105 in this mission. He will summon Prost, Mario, and Hellena to his aid as his hitpoints fall to various levels. Kill all.
Return to Simon.


Objective : Hellena Character Card
Prerequisite : Ania and Emilia/Emilia the Sage (any level), changed map/channel after previos quest

This is a continuation of the previous quest-line.

With Ania as team leader, go to Port of Coimbra and talk to the NPC Emilia.
With Emilia as team leader, go to City of Auch and enter Villa de Libertad to talk to Simon.
Go to G9 of City of Auch and talk to the Auch Infantry to enter the room.
Talk to Hellena. At the end of the conversation:-
Choose wisely...
Option 1: select the middle option to accept Hellena's request. Return to Hellena with three Elemental Jewels (10,000,000 vis each from Item Dealer) to receive Hellena Character Card.
Option 2: select the last option to forfeit the chance to recruit Hellena forever. Return to Simon to receive Recipe - Dragon Heart as compensation.

Summon Prost

Summon Prost

Available For : Hellena

cooldown 120s
consumes SP 350, Ancient Star Orb x10
targets self

Skill level affects strength of summons. (Damage will increase with level.)

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[GUIDE] Hellena rNPC Quest - GE v3.3
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