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 Premium Treasure Box Service Guide

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PostSubject: Premium Treasure Box Service Guide   Mon Feb 09, 2009 6:04 am

Premium Treasure Box Service guide
Orginally translated by Differentiable

? - Unknown item
Blue items - Abit of guesswork done here, might not be entirely accurate.

1)Vault slots increased 200
Info: At the expiry of vault service, additional items will remain in storage, however you may not store any more items until there is space available
2)You can buy two boxes, but they do not stack. If you use a box while one is active, it deletes and replaces the old box.
3)You can receive one premium item every day during 30days.
4)You can chose what you want to receive

Here are the options:

(A)Receive Item of the day-Item of the days are defined by IAH. They are premium items and usually consumables/Misc.
(B)Open a mysterious box Random item from the following 52 items.Combat Manual(40%) x 1 (twGE's CM is 40%, we might get 100%)
Elemental Jewel x 1
Phoenix Wings x1
Devil's Horns x1
Progressive Mithridart x 10
High Quality Sapphire x 1
Lvl 100 Enchantment chip x 3
High Quality Ruby x 3
Veteran Scroll x 1
Socketing Tranquillizer x 1
Memoirs x 1
Lucifer's Wings(7days) x 1
Devil's Wings(7days) x 1
Progressive Painkiller x 1
Barracks Slot x1
Progressive Analeptic Remedy x 1
Key:Room Of The Dead x 1
Jewel powder x 10
Andre's Costume Box x 5
Janjur's Vanity Chest x 5
Eyewear Box x 5
High Quality Emerald x 5
Pure Otite x 3
Enchantment Booster x 3
Platinum Bar x 5
Forgotten Territory Pass x 1
Soul Crystal x 5
Ring Box x 1
Mystery Powder x 5
Transmission reel exchange ticket? x 1
Buried treasure bandits and thieves' project description? x 1
Progressive Nutrition x 10
Progressive Accelerator x 10 (Shud be movement speed)
Diamond Coupon x 10
Ancient Territory Pass x 1
Enchantment Tranquillizer x 5
Rank increased range medicinal preparation? x 5
Mystical blood tonic(Hrin's potion?) x 5
Ability increased range medicinal preparation? x 3
Silver hammer x 1 (Vergo's summoning item)
Lvl 92 Enchantment Chip x 4
Lvl 84 Enchantment Chip x 10
Triumph Filler x 5
Defensive Filler x 5 (Think truimph filler without the AR boost)
Offensive Filler x 5 (Think truimph filler without the DR boost)
Otite Perfume x 1
Megaphone x 10
Pheonix wings(7 days) x 1
Fable buried treasure metal statue book? x 1
Horns of Bahomet(7 days) x 1
Wheel of Destiny(1day) x 1
Mysterious Amber x 10

©️Play Scissors, Paper, Stone! (Gambling)
Win : You may open 2 boxes today (You may open any combination you want)
Lose : You don't get to open any boxes but you get a Soul Cystal as consolation
Draw: Nothing happens, you get to open one box as per normal

[METHOD] Earn 1 million Feso within 1hr

Buy new gp item legendary book^^ (CASHSHOP)
go to auch ch1 only
Click Treasure hunter npc ( besides fesos npc )
kill 100 treasure mob inside

come out talk to Treasure hunter npc
recieve legendary box
open and get 70% chance to recieve 2 growth stone ^^ 100k fesos each^^
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Premium Treasure Box Service Guide
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