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 Guide in Recruiting Selva rNPC, Available on sGE v3.0

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PostSubject: Guide in Recruiting Selva rNPC, Available on sGE v3.0   Mon Feb 09, 2009 5:51 am

Here it is, the guide in recruiting Selva has finally been released. She will be available once v2.9.4 is released.
Original Japanese guide:

Pre-quest requirement:
1) The Pioneering Quest
2) Katovic Snowfield Quests (Completion of the Katovic Series Equipment is optional)
3) The Bahamas Quest
4) Katovic Snowfield Extension quests - Gavin’s Arc
5) Chaos Requiem Quest

ii) Quest Info
Important Note: If you didn’t complete the requirements mentioned at the start of this article, Elenore’s quest will not be triggered!

To begin, talk to Elenore, the pioneering officer in Auch.
She will ask you to give her 2 Hero’s Seal. You can obtain them via Superfights. However, if your level is too low for the Superfights, you can opt to head to the low level Superfights and collect 6 Ancient Hero’s Seals to exchange for 2 Hero’s Seals. (The exchange rate is 3 Ancient Hero’s Seals for 1 Hero’s Seal)
After you have collected the 2 Hero’s Seals, go back to Elenore. You will then be asked to look for Nunez at Port of Coimbra.

Nunez will request you to defeat Dr Fran Mothtein, who resides in the Corridor of Assize. Obviously, this means you need to have 1 Key of Assize at hand. Proceed to the NPC at Gehenna Bridge, the final level of Prison de Joaquin.

Important Note: The gate to an activated Corridor of Assize will be opened for while, meaning players can follow you in and disrupt your quest. Please check your surroundings at least before trying to attempt this quest lest you waste your key, which will probably shoot up in prices due to Selva’s quest. The Corridor of Assize is available in both channels 1 and 2.

You’ll be facing off a weak Chrysalis and after defeating it, 2 soldiers and Dr Fran Mothtein will spawn. The minimal set of equipment needed to survive and make this fight easy will require at least elite 84 armours and elite 92 weapons.

Return to Nunez once you’re done, and you will be sent off to look for Ludeza Vishihah at Katovic Snowfield.

He will give you 1 Avalanche Apparition Core, in which you’re supposed to drop it into Ryrin’s Heart to summon an Avalanche Apparition. However, do note that the summoning process is not 100% successful. If you have used up your initial 1 cores, you have to return to Ludeza Vishihah to get more, who will give you in sets of 1 again.
But this time, he will require a price. You will have to exchange 20 Wolf Meat and 10 Elviot’s Leather for Avalanche Apparition Core.

If you have successfully summoned and defeated the Avalanche Apparition, this will trigger Montoro’s appearance. You will then have to fight and defeat him. Once you’re done with both task, return to Ludeza Vishihah again, who will then send you to look for Invernio at The Frozen Plain. After some conversation, you will be sent to Dr Torsche’s Mansion to look for Dr Torsche.
Note: This require to kill Montoro or Avalanche Apparition, no need to kill them both. Just kill one then the mission is done/proceed.

After you have spoken to Dr Torsche, a clickable bookshelf will appear in the room. Clicking it will send you to a secret room where you will see a petrified Cortez.
In order to recover poor Cortez, you need to have 1 Katovic Soup. head to The Frozen Plain to look for Invernio to make the soup. As usual, the ingredients are as followed:
20 Golden Apples
50 Wolf’s Meat
50 Beet
50 Cabbage

Once you gotten your Katovic Soup, return back to the secret room where Cortez is by clicking on the bookshelf in Dr Torche’s room. Once you turn Cortez back to normal, that ungrateful noble will attack you suddenly. But thankfully, he’s weak so just try your best and defeat him.
After you defeated him, return to look for Dr Torsche for your reward. He will give you the following:
1 Selva Character Card
1 Cauchemar Stance Book
1 Rapida Espada Stance Book
1 Selva’s Armshield Recipe

Selva’s Armshield Recipe
1 level 80 Chain Gloves
20 Composite Steel
20 Cast Iron
20 Solvent
50 Mystery Powder

Extra Notes
There will be some queries here regarding Selva’s quest that will be noted here for now as it is unconfirmed.
- The quest to recover Cortez accepts the Katovic Soup item from ABS
- There are debates regarding the part about Dr Fran Mothtein, some say all you need is to take him down as a kill count while others say you need to hunt a rare drop (quest item) from him. As of now, it’s assuming that it’s a kill count
- Unknown for now if squading to kill Dr Fran Mothtein will allow all squadmates to get the kill count, likewise for the part of the Avalanche Apparition
- Squadding is allowed for the Dr Fran and Avalanche Apparition
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Guide in Recruiting Selva rNPC, Available on sGE v3.0
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