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 Hunt symbols for ur expert stances

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PostSubject: Hunt symbols for ur expert stances   Sun Feb 01, 2009 1:42 pm

Here is the link,
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PostSubject: Re: Hunt symbols for ur expert stances   Mon Feb 09, 2009 6:05 am

Where the Constellation items are drop by:
Aries - Chimera
Taurus - Treasure Golem
Gemini - Dr Morthen (sp)
Cancer - Necromancer
Leo - Elmorc
Virgo - Gallfaxi
Libra - Dreamblade
Scorpio - Swamp Frogfish
Sagittarius - King of Greed
Capricorn - Merman Eater
Aquarius - Gerero
Pisces - Dilos Latem

1) Be able to enter Zeia map (available in v3.0)
2) Have Emilia or ETS in your barracks (level not specified) and make her leader when doing the quest
3) Have 6 growth stones (600k feso) to exchange for the expert stance book.
4) The constellation required for the stance you want:
ARNIS (single dagger) - Aries
EQUITES (single sword w/o shield) - Sagittarius
RAPIERE (double rapier) - Taurus
HANGING GUARD (great sword) - Leo
FLINTLOCK (rifle or bayonet) - Aquarius
5)The specific expert stance books are non tradable.

Expert Stance Quest:
1) Talk to the Zeia leader Haman
2) Talk to Nar
3) You are then supposed to go to this dungeon (occulta), where entry is granted if you use ancient rune Ti (if you go in the day) or Te (if you go at night). Kill "Koborutoerutaa" and obtain Emilia's dad's diary (it says here there's a certain drop rate...rare drop?). Return to talk to Nar.
4) Talk to Jean Pierre at Auch (note: in sanpomiti it said...Coimbra -.-ll)
5) Talk to Emilia in Coimbra. She'll give an EXP card and glazium (only O.o). Exchange the materials needed for the stance you want, and Emilia will give you the actual stance book
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Hunt symbols for ur expert stances
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