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PostSubject: GUIDE v3.0 READ!READ!READ!   Tue Jan 20, 2009 9:21 pm


I. New City and Maps

a. Errac
b. "Land of the Night"
c. "Land of the Day"

II. New Quests
III. New Weapons and Armor

a. Constellation Weapons
b. Constellation Armor

IV. New Stance
V. New Missions and Raids

a. Missions
b. Raid Boss

VI. New Pets

a. The Pig
b. The Panda


a. Nar
b. Ania

VIII. New Union MCC mode
IX. New Barracks
X. New Family Level System
XI. Misc.

a. Veteran enchantment chips
b. Statted fairy wings
c. Costumes and hair styles
d. EXP card revisions
e. Viewable Veteran levels
f. AGI stat revisions
g. Family Reputation revisions
h. Signs of Constellation

I. New City and Maps:

There will be a new city and currently two new leveling maps coming with 3.0. The name of the city is known as Errac (for the kGE server), but is subject to change

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PostSubject: Re: GUIDE v3.0 READ!READ!READ!   Tue Jan 20, 2009 9:30 pm

a.errac city

b. "Land of the Night" (leveling zone):

c. "Land of the Day" (leveling zone):

II. New Quests:

There will also be several new quests added, among them will be a continuation of the pioneering quests. These new pioneering quests require you to handle negotiations and trade policies between both Granado Espada and Errac. These quests will open up the ability to purchase the new Constellation series weapon recipes.

III. New Weapons and Armor:

3.0 will also introduce the new Constellation series. The weapons have a base AR of 33, while the armors could be 33 or 34 DR, the actually amount for the armors is unknown.

a. Constellation Weapons:

Currently the weapons are made from recipes you purchase after completing the main Errac pioneering quest. These weapons require a new in game item known as the Sign of Constellation. There are a total of 12 Signs of Constellation, each representing a specific star sign (Aeris, Leo, Capricorn, etc). Each weapon will require a specific Sign of Constellation in order to craft. These signs drop from both raid bosses and normal zone bosses, and could possibly be rare in drop.

It is yet unknown whether or not the new Constellation armors will be available as a recipe, or only dropped during raids.
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PostSubject: Re: GUIDE v3.0 READ!READ!READ!   Tue Jan 20, 2009 9:35 pm

IV. New Stances:

Like most are aware of, there will be new expert stances available coming with 3.0. These stances are known as the Constellation Stances. Like the Constellation weapons, these stance books are available after completing a quest.

The quest requires you to help out Emilia! Who'd of thunk it? And you guessed it, you must have Emilia's first quests finished in order to start the new ones.

Emilia will send you on some errands in Errac. After completing this quest, she will now craft you the Constellation Stance books, at the cost of 6 Star Stones (100k fesos each) and a 1 Sign of Constellation.

Information on the quest can be seen here.

Constellation Stances:

Arnis - Dagger stance
Hanging Guard - Two handed sword stance
Rapiere - Twin rapier stance
Rapiere of Grim - Twin rapier stance for Kurt and Eduardo
Equites - Single sword stance
Tested Guard - Two handed sword stance for Claire
Flintock - Rifle stance

V. New Missions and Raids:

a. Missions:

There are currently two new known missions coming with 3.0.

The first mission (which name is unknown), takes place outside of each of the three respected cities (The Queen's Gate, Theurgenwald Lakeside, and Nimraldi Bridge). Each channel is designed for a specific level range.

Channel 1 - For levels 99 ~ Expert
Channel 2 - For levels 78 ~ 98
Channel 3 - For levels 58 ~ 78


The level ranges for each channel can possibly change with our version as only one server at this time currently has 3 channels available.

This mission requires you to team up with your friends and destroy colonies in order to access a boss for a large reward. It is likely that this new mission will be similar to Poison Yard and Secret Temple where it can be an open PVP area. The boss and rewards can vary between the level of the mission (99 to Expert level could have a level 100+ boss and drop level 100 gear) and so on. There is also a chance of Signs of Constellation that can drop.

Team Arena:

This mission can be accessed at the Queen's Gate, Theurgenwald Lakeside, and Nimraldi Bridge. There will be two teams inside Team Arena. Up to 10 families per side are allowed in. Your teams job is take out all of the colonies and the main boss before the other team.

While inside Team Arena you will face a variety of mini bosses which drop Arena Coins. These coins grant you specific buffs during the mission. However if you die during the mission the coins will drop from your inventory and be lost.

These buffs can range from increased attack and defense, increased attack speed, and an increase of damage dealt to the boss.

You will also be able to purchase consumable items at a various line up of NPCs to aid you during the mission. Whether or not these items can be bought with vis or the arena coins is unknown.

b. Raid Boss:

Necromancer Shaman (Name Subject to change)

This raid boss can be accessed in the new areas available in 3.0

Level: 125
Lifeless/Human/Undead?/ medium / non-attribute / medium-sized types of attacks: attacks range
Attack Rating: 68
Defense Rating: 68
HP: 2916000
Attack: 1592
Defense: 232
Fire Resistance: 65
Ice resistance: 65
Lightning Resistance: 65
Mental Resistance: 65

Drop List: Unknown at this time, however it is highly likely that this boss will drop the Constellation series armors, and Signs of Constellation.

VI. New Pets:

Two new pets will be introduced in 3.0, "The Pig" and "The Panda"

a. The Pig:

This pet is a looter pet, similar to our current Moppet, however this pet has an increased range of where it loots, picks up items much faster at the cost of more pet food consumed. This pet can be purchased on the feso shop.

Differences between The Pig and Moppet.

Awareness of the leader
The Pig 10 meters / Moppet 5 meters.

Item pick up range
The Pig 15 meters / Moppet 10 meters.

Item pick up time
The Pig every 2 seconds / Moppet every 4 seconds.

Pet food energy rate
The Pig 1% of energy = 8 minutes of looting / Moppet 1% of energy = 12 minutes of looting

b. The Panda:

Signs of Constellation

A new in game item will be available come 3.0 called Signs of Constellation. These items are required materials to craft Constellation weapons and the Constellation stance books.

1. Sign of Aries

Dropped by: Chimera
Weapon: ?
Stance: None

2. Sign of Taurus

Dropped by:Treasure Golem
Weapon: Rapier
Stance: Rapiere / Rapiere of Grim

3. Sign of Gemini

Dropped by: Dr. Fran Mothtein
Weapon: ?
Stance: None

4. Sign of Cancer

Dropped by: Necromancer's Heart(?)
Weapon: Polearm
Stance: None

5. Sign of Leo

Dropped by: Elmorc
Weapon: Two handed sword
Stance: Hanging Guard / Tested Guard

6. Sign of Virgo

Dropped by: Muertos Chief(?)
Weapon: ?
Stance: None

7. Sign of Libra

Dropped by: Dream Blade (?)
Weapon: Rod
Stance: None

8. Sign of Scorpio

Dropped by: Swamp Fish Angler
Weapon: Javelin
Stance: None

9. Sign of Sagittarius

Dropped by: (?)
Weapon: Crossbow(?)
Stance: Equites

10. Sign of Capricorn

Dropped by: Merman Eater(?)
Weapon: Dagger
Stance: Arnis

11. Sign of Aquarius

Dropped by: Gerero
Weapon: Bayonet
Stance: Flintock

12. Sign of Pisces

Dropped by: Dilos Latemn
Weapon: Pistol(?)
Stance: None



BY: keriberry from SotNW

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PostSubject: Re: GUIDE v3.0 READ!READ!READ!   Wed Jan 21, 2009 11:31 pm

The new Rnpcs are premium! you can bet!! Wink
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PostSubject: Re: GUIDE v3.0 READ!READ!READ!   Fri Jan 23, 2009 12:12 am

Takayanagi wrote:
The new Rnpcs are premium! you can bet!! Wink

lol..most likely?
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PostSubject: Re: GUIDE v3.0 READ!READ!READ!   Mon Feb 09, 2009 5:44 am

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PostSubject: Re: GUIDE v3.0 READ!READ!READ!   

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