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 Welcome to Underground™ Faction

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PostSubject: Welcome to Underground™ Faction   Thu Jan 15, 2009 11:55 pm

Welcome to Underground™ Faction.


1. No Scammers, hackers and beggars allowed in faction,
if you want to improve yourself go for raids.
2. Avoid flamming on broad chat, faction chat and
disrespect others
3. Speak English so others can understand and avoid
4. Faction info. for boss raid announcement time schedules
should only remain on faction.
5. Notify us for any problems
6. Be mature enough. Don't be emotional and
leave w/o any reasons.

Feel free to post your ideas and info w/ regards to GE and your happy moments in real life Razz
thnx to Shock a.k.a franz for making this forum possible. Very Happy
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Welcome to Underground™ Faction
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