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 Suggestion and guides to help

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PostSubject: Suggestion and guides to help   Thu Jul 09, 2009 3:25 am

Basically there are tons of ways for a player to skim vis either from raid, afk-ing and selling stuff.....

I believe there are other ways for a player to earn vis which most players did not aware of...

and no doubt that these 'ways' are not shared......What i'm suggesting here is...we share it among our faction mate and

help each other out to build up our family and faction....

This suggestion may sounds stupid in a way if a unique skill in farming was expose to others it may not be efficient

anymore.....but think twice.....more sharing means more ways.....more ways means more vis for everyone.....

But share among faction mates only.....

The benefits of sharing these guides are

1. Stronger faction mates which results in stronger faction

2. More people are willing to contribute to the faction since this faction is not just about raid and cw

3. When faction members are equiped with higher purchasing power, i believe we have certain power over controlling prices in the market, in another words means, UG will have a certain market influence over price, and if this way turns out to be so efficient, we might become monopoly or natural monopoly for the market which turns the tide of nearly perfectly competitive market currently in this server.

Not surprise if u think:'' this is madness"

But i doesn't harm anyway.....sharing is caring....

Hope to get some feedback from u guys....

Best Regards,

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Suggestion and guides to help
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